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WordPress web design experts Cocopine Web Solutions, situated in Johannesburg, are available to help with your upcoming project. The fact that so many of our clients keep using our services speaks much about our connections. One of our longest-standing customers is headquartered in Ohio, USA, and has been a customer since 2001.

WordPress (WordPress.org) is a PHP-based content management system (CMS) that works with either a MySQL or MariaDB database. It is free and open-source. A plugin architecture and a template system, known as Themes in WordPress, are features. WordPress was first developed as a blogging platform, but it has now expanded to handle other kinds of digital content, such as more conventional mailing lists and online storefronts, discussion boards, media libraries, membership websites, and learning management systems (LMS). Over 60 million websites, including 33.6% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2019, use WordPress. One of the most widely used content management system options is WordPress. WordPress has additionally been applied to pervasive display systems and other application domains (PDS).
The creators of WordPress, American developer Matt Mullenwe and English developer Mike Little, launched it on May 27, 2003, as a fork of b2/cafelog. The program is distributed under a GPLv2 (or later) license.
WordPress must be installed on a web server for it to work, either as a component of an Internet hosting service like WordPress.com or on a computer running the WordPress.org software package to act as a network host on its own.
Single-user testing and learning can be done on a local PC with the help of tools like  WAMP and Local from Flywheel.
WordPress is an excellent example of how to make money online by giving things away. It began as a concept to enhance an existing blogging platform and developed into the most widely used content management system on the Internet.
With the help of Mike Little, Matt Mullenweg, and the blogging platform b2, everything got launched in 2003. The necessity for a new platform that had “the flexibility of MovableType, the parsing of TextPattern, the hackability of b2, and the ease of setup of Blogger,” according to Mullenweg, was discussed in his writing.

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