WordPress 5.0 “Bebo”

wordpress version 5

The much anticipated WordPress major release is finally here. WordPress 5.0 nicknamed “Bebo” after famous jazz musician Bebo Valdes.
The release includes a revamped visual “block” editor which allows a much more streamlined experience in building pages and allows more control of code for the developer.
There is also a new theme (twentynineteen) which is a modern fresh spin on the default flat theme that comes with the WordPress install.

And don’t worry if you are a slow adopter or are resistant to change, the old editor still works and will be supported up until 2021.
Go ahead and download WordPress 5.0 and give the new features a try, you will be well impressed.

James – The Giant Peach

Cocopine helped us revamp our site and bring the new age of responsiveness to our content. Thanks to G and his team, we will be back for more in the coming months as we need an admin back-end developed in PHP and MYSQL.