Web Design Trends for 2019

Another year is almost done and dusted and we are about to put to bed the second decade of the new Millenium. We are touching on a few trends that we think will gather momentum in 2019 and hope you find inspiration to update your own work.

Custom Fonts

A trend that started 2017/2018 will continue into 2019 where we see a move away from the more familiar style web fonts to customised. Brands are working towards having their own custom brand font which identifies with the overall Corporate Identity. We get more of a sense of human touch when we see a font that is handwritten and less machine-like.


Flat shapes are everywhere in design now. You see them in Hero elements as well as sliders, carousels, background. You can’t get away from them and they help break up the monotony of a simple top-down page that lends itself to small pockets of interest.

Page Speed

Since 2015 when Mobile first took over from Desktop as the most popular platform. We have seen an increase in optimization of pages to target mobile platforms. in march 2018 Google began to roll out Mobile First indexing, which meant that your site now had a mobile version indexed. What it means is that cached mobile versions were now being submitted by the google bots and your site was coming up with mobile search results. It has no bearing on how your site is ranked but it surely will come into play at some point in the very near future.

Google PageSpeed Insights help developers and designers optimize their site for speed and you will get back a report on what needs improvement along with a rating out of 100. Typically sites upwards of 80/100 perform well but if you are below this you will need to investigate where the bottlenecks are.

Have a look at how we improved our own mobile score with some easy to implement solutions.

Chat Bots – Customer Service

Chat bots have been around for a while but there is a growing trend for instant gratification in terms of customer service. No more waiting for a helpdesk employee to get back to you via email. Chat bots can now make customer service available at the click of a button. The idea here is to usher you into a workflow that will ideally solve your problem within the least amount of time but cutting out garbage and misdirection in being passed from pillar to post greatly optimizes workflows for customer services and the client is wowed by the quick turnaround times.

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