Why choose a web design company ?

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Web design is the process of creating a web site complete with a landing page and or sub pages. This includes media like icons and photos and contain information relevant to the purpose of the site.Chosing a web design company to create your space on the world wide web is an important one. A web designer uses various tools at his or her diposal to create layout and include the content. They apply varying techniques to enhance this content to make it visually appealing. A web page is typically made up of markup called HTML (Hypertext Tra) , some styling contained in CSS and potentially some javascript to enhance the interactivity of the page.

At Cocopine we create amazing layouts and then convert the layout to a working prototype. Our main tools for static based sites are Bootstrap and a text editor like Notepad ++ or Visual Studio Code.
We like to push clients in the direction of a dynamically generated site using one of the free CMS platforms that are freely available to download. Our preference at the moment is WordPress
which is the leader in terms on number of websites that currently run the software.

WordPress is based on a PHP framework and integrates with a MYSQL database in the backend. It has a community of thousands
of developers that keep it up to date and fix and enhance the code. There are also a myriad of plugins and themes which increase turnaround time significantly. Once designed and completed, it is very easy for
someone with just basic email editing skills to update content quite easily using the platform.

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