Website Maintenance Packages 2021

Have a look at our amazing website WordPress maintenance packages available for your peace of mind. We cover updating your WordPress core and plugins as well as doing an offsite backup and adding additional content. When hiring a digital marketing agency to develop and maintain your website, most believe they need the agency to be responsible for 1) developing the site, 2) managing the content, and 3) administering users and configuration. However, some fail to realize it’s also extremely important to have a long-term site maintenance plan.

Whether it’s Drupal, WordPress, or another open-source CMS, many don’t realize the importance of enforcing regular security updates and a long-term site maintenance plan. Do not make the mistake of waiting too long to update your site, it causes too many issues in the long run. To help you understand, we’ve outlined below our top 5 pitfalls that could happen if you don’t run your site’s security updates.

Top 5 Reasons For having website WordPress maintenance packages in 2021

1. Security Risks

old sites that are not maintained are a hackers bread and butter. New websites are hacked within 60 minutes of being published. Bots will try every hour of the day to try and find a way into your site. Usually, CMS websites are set up incorrectly or with little emphasis on securing the backend. We will add in the best practices associated with securing the code and content as well as storing backups offsite for easy retrieval. You will rest easy knowing that your site can be back up and running in a matter of a couple of hours after the compromise is discovered. 

2. Site Integrity

Leaving a site for too long will end up costing you money to have it updated when you eventually decide to have it done. The pace at which most software is updated at the moment means that within a year or two you can be 2-3 major versions behind. Often you cannot easily update with such a huge gap. The best solution for this is to have the whole site redesigned and you risk losing any seo rankings you may have. 


3. Wasted Time and Money

When you fail to make updates when they become a huge development and Q/A effort. The developer will need to spend much more time making the updates. The impact to the site is greater due to the increased number of updates and module changes over time. Implementing the update when it becomes available provides you with the latest and greatest functionality right away, overall improving your site.


4. Unusable Features & Poor User Experience

Site updates provide new features and functionality to your website. Why wouldn’t you want new features for your WordPress or Drupal site? The sooner you implement the update, the sooner you get that new functionality. Think of why you always are updating your phone. That is, if you’re using an older version of WordPress , your overall experience is a lot different and often slower than someone using the latest version.


5. Improved Speed

Updates offer improved website performance and improved secuity within the framework of core operating files. Recently WordPress had major updates as well as a majopr update to PHP. Updates improves site performance on average by 45% in most cases. Old sites are harder to update and cost more money to achieve this.

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