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team Cocopine Web Solutions have combined over 60 years cumulative IT experience to craft amazing solutions on  almost any platform , whether it is an online e-commerce store or a informational WordPress business portal. The most important factor behind the success of your project is that the right research is done in order to achieve success with a product or service that people actually want or need.
We deliver the following web design services:

  • Corporate websites – multi-site local/regional and global company websites
  • Campaign landing pages – lead generation services that need landing endpoints and designed to complete your goals.
  • Product pages and microsites – responsive modern bespoke product microsites that offer maximized user experience and goal conversion.
  • Educational and E-Learning solutions using opensource LIMS
  • Maintenance and Security consulting.
  • Recovery of non functioning CMS sites / hacked platforms.

User Experience Design

Project Brief and Business Goals

Although the user is the most crucial element in the UX design process, redesigns also need to support the company’s overarching business goals. Are you creating content to engage users or to increase sign-ups and purchases. Prior to starting your project, decide which business demands you will be addressing.

Content Strategy

The user experience design process must include user research. Instead of assuming what the user needs, through research we can identify their most important needs. By using qualitative and quantitative research methods, designers may avoid making incorrect assumptions about users and can also spot UX issues before they become costly or difficult to address.

User Journey and Information Architecture

A user flow is exactly what it sounds like: a list of the steps a user must take to flow through an experience and accomplish their goal. It functions as a project map for UX design. The visual journey allows us to plan and allow for all possible interactions that may arise during a user’s experience session. A well designed solution can prevent multiple hurdles that rear their ugly heads further along the project timeline.

Wireframes and Prototypes

Wireframes, mock-ups, and prototypes are used during the design phase to allow for solution exploration. Before you start building, create a wireframe, which can be as simple as few boxes hand drawn on paper. Wireframes are a visual tool for basic layout components in a web design project. The idea is finally realized in a prototype or MVP which should serve as a low-cost preview of the proposed solution.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is particularly helpful early in the design process so that designers don’t waste time on features that are useless or unnecessary for the user. Testing the website with a representative sample of visitors will help discover any issues with the navigation and expedite the design process while also saving time and money.

Feedback and Iteration

Design solutions need to be seen as constant loops that require ongoing research and analysis to understand the impact the solution has on the user and what goals it achieves and the ones that are missed. An ongoing update/add on process is necessary to take your project to the next level and avoid mistakes most companies make by letting their solutions stagnate and break.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity vs Branding

What makes you instantly recognizable to your customers is your brand identity. The connection between you and your customers, the development of customer loyalty, and the way in which your customers will view your brand are all shaped by the brand identity that your audience will associate with your good or service.

SEO and Analytics

Social Media Marketing

To maximize the effectiveness of all marketing channels, we use a combination of techniques and technologies. Nowadays, having a website is not sufficient to promote your business. Marketing your company through social media campaigns is quite effective in this mobile-first economy. We can setup a paid-for camapign based on your needs and budget using Google Ads

Email Marketing

Our team of professionals focused on delivering results can work with you to produce a customer-centric program designed to convert and retain customers if you’re wanting to include email marketing as a component of your integrated online marketing program. In order to provide you with a seamless experience, we connect with the best mail marketing platforms like Mailchimp and Sendinblue.