WordPress 4.0 “Benny” released

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WordPress 4.0 has been released. Codenamed “Benny” after jazz band leader Benny Goodman the release has a number of new features and a few updated ones.

The media library experience has been improved with a more visual experience and easier drag and drop capability. One can now easily switch from list view to grid view. Editing and viewing of the files is now a much more seamless process.


Embeds become easier to work with

Remember how we used to have to paste a url into the text part of a post or page and then make sure that it loads correctly. Now you have the convenience of just pasting the URL into your visual editor and wordpress magically embeds it into your page. There is a wide range of support for embeds which you can find here

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 5.20.29 PM



Creating a post or writing a new page has never been easier with the visual editor. The process seems smoother and more effortless. The visual control toolbox at the top of the WYSIWYG editor is now always available. What are you waiting for , login to your blog and upgrade to WordPress 4.0 today.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 5.20.38 PM


Searching for plugins is now easier and smarter. You can easily see now the featured, trending or results in a visual grid which makes it more pleasing to the eye.


There are over 33,000 plugins available so chances are that there is something out there for you if you are looking for a maintenance module or a simple calendaring app. If you haven’t tried WordPress yet then you must have just come out from under a rock. Change to WordPress 4.0 today and you will gain an immediate advantage from the start.

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