– Is this the end of WYSIWYG Editors ?

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Wow. I stumbled across this amazing piece of software and after using it for a week upgraded to the FULL version. The features are awesome:

  • Set breakpoints and optimize your site for all devices.
  • Pull in web fonts or use system fonts like never before.
  • Apply a style to multiple elements and modify it in one location.
  • Broadcast your design to any device on the network.
  • Set variable names and add scripts for fast prototyping.
  • Share assets between pages and save them all in one document.
  • Utilize static, absolute and fixed positioning for dynamic layouts.
  • Store elements in your library and reuse them on any page.

All in all well worth the $179 lifetimeprice tag. I guess if that is still too steep for your wallet then you can always masquerade as a student and buy the student version for $99. There is a version for Mac as well as Windows. One thing is for sure , after you have used it you will definitely be joining the professional ranks. Kudos to Tom and the rest of the team at