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Freelance life has many perks, but it's not all plain sailing when you’re fending for yourself in the graphic design world. That's why Route One Print has put together a Freelancer's Survival Kit to help you on the road to success as a freelance designer – and you can download it completely free! 

Whether you've already taken the plunge or are thinking about sacking in the day job and going it alone, this kit has everything you need to make it as a freelance designer.

What's inside

The free kit contains professional templates and guides to save you time and set you on the right track. All the templates are unbranded and will swiftly guide you through the process of writing the documents that will help nail that next client and keep projects running smoothly! 

Plus, there's invaluable advice from designers who have left agency life and become success stories in their own right – including T-shirt design specialist Brent Galloway and Ian Paget (who you might know as Logo Geek).

This kit contains everything you need to go it alone

Here's exactly what you'll find inside The Freelancers' Survival Kit: 

Business plan template
Just because you're a one-man band doesn't mean you don't need a master plan. This template is here to help you nail down your objectives and keep you on track to reach them. 

Client proposal template
Winning over new clients is vital to building a name for yourself. Customise this proposal template to impress potential clients and secure work from them.

Design brief template
A thorough design brief template will ensure both parties know exactly what's on the cards, so everyone stays happy.

Statement of work template
When you're working alone it's all the more important to keep client relationships smooth and projects running like clockwork. A statement of work will help you ensure the client-designer relationship remains stress-free.

Invoice template
Late payments or missing payments are a headache you don't need. To leave your clients with a professional impression and ensure you receive your payments swiftly, you need a proper invoicing system.

Handy ebook
There's plenty you can learn from those who have been there are braved the transition themselves. This helpful ebook is packed with tips and advice from established designers who have managed to set up a successful freelance business of their own.

Download the kit now

The Freelancer's Survival Kit contains everything you need to prepare to take on freelance life. You can download the kit here.

This kit comes courtesy of Route One Print, the UK’s largest trade printer. Its aim is to make trade-print easy for graphic designers and print resellers with white label packaging, reseller tools and a smooth order process that helps its clients' businesses grow. 

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