8 3D web projects to inspire you

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WebGL is a permanent part of internet as we know it, WebVR is settling in and WebAR is taking its first steps. Not only has the technology became more advanced, but the tools have become simpler and more accessible for developers and designers.

Thinking of dipping your toe in? Here are eight amazing 3D web demos by digital artist Marpi that will inspire you to get started.

01. Mass Migrations

Mass Migrations is a fully generative environment

Mass Migrations on GitHub

A fully generative environment, filled with heavily anime-inspired mecha-like robots/spaceships. It started as a prototype and ended up a large scale art installation, VR world and a 3D printed collection of people's creations.

02. Codeology

Code from GitHub brought to life

Codeology on GitHub

Visualising any public GitHub project as a unique 3D ASCII creature, determining its combination of shapes, colours and size based on the coding languages used within. Press Alt + 1, 2, 3… for cheat codes.

03. Spider

A realistic spider movement made with JavaScript

Spider on GitHub

Proof of concept for making a generative spider movement that would feel real – and trigger the same feelings spiders that do. The look, bones animation and movement are generated from pure code, so you do feel afraid of JavaScript.

04. Eutow

A hallucinogenic-themed artwork

Eutow on GitHub

One sunny September day, a conversation with Indian artist Archan Nair sparked an ongoing collaboration. There's a special mix of appreciation of building 3D worlds, virtual reality and hallucinogenic-themed visual systems.

05. Black Rain

Codrops’ rain experiments from Lucas Bebber mixed with Archan Nair’s visuals

Black Rain on GitHub

A mix of melancholy and maps, refractions and reflections, a cold NY night in the rain, amazing and haunting. Mix Codrops' rain experiments from Lucas Bebber with Archan Nair's visuals, touching on Blade Runner's territory.

06. Odra

An everlasting underwater music experiment

Odra on GitHub

What if music was generated the same way as graphics? They both have themes, systems and are built from smaller pieces that have to work together. And since it's mixed with those generative creatures, in a way, they're playing live.

07. Maratropa

Twitter visualised as a universe

Maratropa on GitHub

Imagining the Twitter universe as a, well, universe. Each profile becomes an abstract, religious-like statue with their followers around it. You can jump between them in three dimensions, using node structure, forming sort of an artificial brain.

08. Biomes

Exploring of generative landscapes

Biomes on GitHub

An exploration of generative landscapes, somewhere between Minecraft and Alien universes, with SSAO and Screen Space Reflections using super shiny EchartsGL engine this time. The land long before time.

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