Awesome Javascript IDE – WEBSTORM

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    Fairly new on the scene this is a powerhouse software product from the JETBRAINS people. Some of the powerful features of this IDE include :   Intelligent code inspection Quick fix and completion of code Code Navigation and Usages Search Intelligent debugging Zen Coding and Emmet enable smart workflows HTML and CSS FTP and remote sessions Boilerplate templates for quick setup of projects For more information check out their website

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Aug – Is this the end of WYSIWYG Editors ?

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Wow. I stumbled across this amazing piece of software and after using it for a week upgraded to the FULL version. The features are awesome: Set breakpoints and optimize your site for all devices. Pull in web fonts or use system fonts like never before. Apply a style to multiple elements and modify it in one location. Broadcast your design to any device on the network. Set variable names and add scripts for fast prototyping. Share assets between pages and save them all in one document. Utilize static, absolute and […]

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Free Social Icon Font Set

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Check out this new free icon font set from the guys over at Pixeden. As designers we are always integrating social accounts into websites and having a resource like this is truly amazing. The fonts are scalable and look clean and crisp at all sizes. You are also afforded great versatility with CSS that you can modify to suit your needs.  Absolutely free and fabulous Social Icon Set

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Featured on

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It was a day I will never forget. I had already sent through about 20 submissions and finally I got posted. The email arrives in my inbox every 10 days and within it are 10 “zero copyright” photographs. Photographs from all over the world. Photographers from all walks of life. And now….I am included as one of the 10 weekly contributors. I know it isn’t the Oscars but hey…for a hobbyist with a passion for this art form I am pretty chuffed. check out the original submission here

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