10 beautiful fonts that are hard to resist

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With fonts, as with people, beauty is often in the eye of the beholder. After all, one designer's Futura could be another's Jokerman.

With that in mind, we've put together 10 fonts that we're sure someone, somewhere will find beautiful. They might not all be your cup of tea, but we hope that thanks to the laws of averages at least one font on this list will make you swoon.

01. Bibliophile Script

A perfect font for bookworms

Format: OTF

The elegant Bibliophile is a mish mash font made up of lettering from the hand of Louis Prang, a Prussian-American painter and publisher. Available in two weights, both of which contain over 900 glyphs that cover all the latin languages, Bibliophile usually retails at £78.99, but you can grab it now for just £39.50 (around $51).

02. Hello Beautiful

Don’t forget to dot your letters with a heart

Format: OTF, TT

Looking for a bit of affection from your lettering? Well, with Hello Beautiful, you can kid yourself that the typeset is admiring your good looks every time you fire it up. Available as a trio of fonts, Hello Beautiful has a rough and casual hand-written feel that's sure to give your designs a personal touch. You can get your hands on the font family of three for just $18/£12.99.

03. OL America the Beautiful

Making typography great again

Format: OTF, TT

One for the patriots, this. Designed by New York City-based Dennis Ortiz-Lopez, OL America the Beautiful celebrates the designer's affection for his homeland. Thanks to its gradient shading and distinctive colours, there's no missing this font that's as loud and proud as the country that inspired it. OL America the Beautiful includes six different styles that you can download for £172.99 (around $225).

04. Kiwi

This beautiful font looks good enough to eat

Format: OTF, TT

Don't worry, this font isn't furry on the outside. Instead, Kiwi takes inspiration from its fruity namesake by offering "sweet and spirited forms and a variety of tasty options." As well as including playful letter shapes, Kiwi font is accompanied by the delicious Kiwi Fruits, a collection of graphic fruit illustrations by Amy Dietrich. Download the pair for £34.99 (around $45).

05. Beach Please

Life’s a beach with this chilled out font

Format: OTF

What's more beautiful than a beach? Thanks to their stunning waves and golden sands, beaches have inspired countless paintings, motivational posters, and now a family of seven beautiful fonts. These handwritten fonts have been designed with pointed brushes and watercolours to create a relaxing and energetic set of letters. No trip to the beach is complete without snacks, so this family also includes tropical and fruity icons. Grab them all for $38/£79.

06. Gessetto

All the fun of chalk without the horrible blackboard-scraping noise

Format: OTF

Chalkboard lettering has a character and style all of its own that's hard to replicate anywhere else. However, the team behind Gessetto has pulled it off by creating an extensive chalk font family that contains script, sans, roman, figures and ornaments. This family includes nine different variations, all of which you can download for $60/£119.

07. Liesel

Step back in time with this historical calligraphy font

Format: OTF

Loosely based on traditional hand-drawn lettering, Liesel claims to reflect "a warm, antique aesthetic." Made up of eight fonts that are designed to be layered and experimented with, Liesel gives typographers plenty of room for experimentation. Grab them all on sale now for £71.80 or buy only the Liesel Printed Family for $36 or the Liesel Brush Family for $36.

08. Superb

This high contrast font is easy to read

Format: OTF

Superb is a glamorous font family that takes is cues from stylish real brush pen script designs from the '60s and '70s. Packing various swashes with volume and curls, Superb also includes negative figures and a full alphabet set with cut out shapes. You can download Superb for just $39/£32.

09. Kayto

This unique family is an exploration of pointed brush calligraphy

Format: OTF, TT

Natural gestures feature in this beautiful font, which is the second collaboration between calligrapher Erwin Indrawan and typeface designer Dexsar Harry Anugrah. Made with a real brush held perpendicular to the paper to channel the movements of the hand, Kayto is a seven font family that you can download for the equally beautiful price of $25/£17.99.

10. Asterism

Shine bright like a diamond with Asterism

Format: OTF

A more whimsical calligraphy font rounds off our list of beautiful fonts. Meet Asterism, a single style family with "a moving baseline and lots of shining personality." Based on the hand-written look of designer Molly Jacques Erickson's signature calligraphy styles, this set can be yours to download and own for $30/£20.99.

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